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Automatic wiper/glasses crosscutting machine

Dongguan Lihan Machinery Co., Ltd took the lead in the application of ultrasonic technology in the accessories industry, the successful development of the ultrasonic shear design, and with the formation of serrations, standardization, the ultrasonic shear serried has been formed straight, oblique knife, multiple angle shearing machine; and we have produced elastic shearing, ribbon punching and cutting, magic stick slitting, trademark slitting, shear, nylon rope cutting, hook-back shearing, silk shearing, zipper cutting machine. These equipments are widely used in packing, gifts, clothing, textile and other industries; incision is for customer requirements, such as; bevel edge, rounded, dovetail, type V, trapezium, etc. The incision is automatic sealing, and no burning, no loose edge, do not change color! Contact hotline: 15989910854 

This machine adopts automatic control system, use ultrasonic technology, to cut wiper, glasses cloth completed in one time. Feeding adopts power tension control, every tier material use automatic correction adjustment. The machine’s operation is smooth, stable performance, the effect is high, the quality is outstanding, fill the blank of domestic technology.
The equipment’s other name: ultrasonic cutting machine, ultrasonic slitting machine, clean wipe cutting machine, non-woven slitting machine, and wipe cutting machine.
Technical parameters of automatic wiper/glasses crosscutting machine

Equipment's name Automatic wiper/glasses crosscutting machine
Model No. HD-FT201807
Power 15KW
Voltage 220V-380V
Weight 3200KG
Machine's size 6000*1800*1200mm
Efficiency 5-10m/min
Air pressure 3—7kg
Sample pictures:

Equipment picture:


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