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Product details

PVC Laser welding machine

Lihan Machinery Company is the earlier one of largescale enterprises, which applied ultrasonic technology to the hot drilling industry in China. It has been devoted to technology research and development for decades of years. It has been established the most advanced and perfect ultrasonic hot fix equipment production system. The R&D department worked with patience and carefulness, following the national standards to combine the traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. There is ownership of vast collection of patents in hot fix equipment series. For instance, Automatic CNC six heads hot fix machine, Ultrasonic double discs hot fix machine, Ultrasonic single disc hot fix machine, Ultrasonic spot welding machine, Ultrasonic beads cutting machine, Leather punching machine, etc. Its products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions, such as Germany, Italy, Brazil and India. Lihan Machinery Company will be able to meet various thoughts and requirement with client, which base bases on Well-equipped, strong technical force, complete detection means, and help them to understand the essence of the brand culture and service.

“Hongda” brand PVC laser laminating machine. The device is applied to conglutinate PVC ribbon and sequins together by advantaged ultrasonic technology. The critical pieces adopts full set imported electric component so that its capacity own high reliability. The machine is used to concentric direct pressure and preventing backbends type in order to be subjected to equal pressure and improve welding precision. It’s particular suitable for PVC ribbon design and manufacture. The features following: particles shape, patch pastes up firmly, no wear rate, etc.


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 The parameter of PVC Laser welding machine

Equipment name PVC Laser welding machine
other name Laser membrane laminating machine
voltage 220V 15HZ
Laminating square area 100*50mm
equipment size 1000*1000*1850mm
weight 260kg
equipment applied industry Shoes, bags and suitcases, accessories, etc 
Product configuration and features
⒈The merits of PVC laser laminating machine: The machine can conglutinate PVC ribbons and sequins immediately by means of ultrasonic technology, elegant pattern, patching fastness, bright in color, powerful third dimention.
⒉The equipment is able to complete automatic feeding, lamination, plying-up at once. The surface of product is smooth and perfect.
⒊The traditional ribbon is processed by the machine, which is highly processed popular product by ultrasonic technique, there are extremely high sell points in the market.
Co-operative manufacturers: Dong guan Shengfeng group, Zhejiang Gaocheng enterprise, Xingde shoes industry company.

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