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Product details

ultrasonic quilting machine


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The principle of operation

Using ultrasonic vibration wave propagation to be welded two or more surfaces, In the case of pressure,make the material surface to frication from each other and urge the fusion between the molecular layer,it ‘s advantage is high speed,energy conservation,high fusion, good conductivity, no spark, close to the cold processing.

 Technical parameters of ultrasonic lace sewing machine

product name ultrasonic quilting machine Model HD-YH201601
Power 12KW Frequency 20KHZ
Weight 1800kg Size 4500*2000*2100mm
Speed 0-25M per min welding area according customer needs to make
The product configuration and characteristics
1. Changing traditional the needle and thread's processing technology, take advantage of ultrasonic wireless quilting to enhance the product grade.
2. Indentation can design just as one wishes, change floral whorl, also make different patterns.
3. Indentation’s change, it makes the product more elegant, has stereoscopy, leads the fashion of the era.
4. Specially design and torque motor ,in order to ensure the welding keep level and stable tension
5. Ultrasonic system is imported; it can enhance products’ suture strong strength and degree of uniformity.
6. This machine with LDO, ensure mechanical stability and useful life.

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