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  • Product Name: Hydraulic vertical hot plate welding machine
  • Product Model: HD-RB8002
  • Category: hot plate welding machine
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Product details

Hydraulic vertical hot plate welding machine


Lihan foreign economic enterprise located in Science Park, Dongcheng, Dongguan City, is a long-term commitment to high-frequency plastic welding machinery and equipment production of high-tech enterprises, the company in 1993, registered in the State Administration for Industry "Hongda" brand, is the industry well-known brand, known worldwide; business after several years of design, technical development and practice of travel industry's leading technology research and development 4KW - 10KW double foot-high frequency; with technological innovation and breakthrough volume for our customers tailored to a variety of high-frequency equipment.

Product description
Hot plate welding machine,through a temperature control heating plate for welding plastic parts,heating plate is close to the hot plate ,plastic begins to melt,in a set of heating,plastic surface will reach a certain degree of melting,the heating board is removed ,then the plastic is welded,when the reaching certain welding time and depth of welding ,the whole welding process is completed;according to this principle and the product shape and different characteristic,our company has developed a variety of desktop hot plate welding machine,the machine uses high quality aluminum,imported cylinder,proportional temperature module,security door,servo motor,PLC control etc.imported componet configuration,This series of equipment is mainly used for washing machine table ,dust bucket,steam irons,water tank,water bottles,the finished workplace can achieve watertight,airtight effect,equipment performance is very stable.

Technical parameters of Hydraulic vertical hot plate welding machine
Equipment name Hydraulic vertical hot plate welding machine
Model No.
Machine's size  1650*1950*2900mm
Welding area  500*500
Efficiency  2-5pcs/min
Voltage  380v
Air pressure  3-6kg
Weight  800kg
Operater  1 person
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