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Product details

Ultrasonic double discs hot fix machine

Product description
Lihan Machinery Company is the earlier one of large-scale enterprises, which applied ultrasonic technology to the hot drilling industry in China. It has been devoted to technology research and development for decades of years. It has been established the most advanced and perfect ultrasonic hot fix equipmentproduction system.The R&D department worked with patience and carefulness, following the national standards to combine the traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. There is ownership of vast collection of patents in hot fix equipment series. For instance, Automatic CNC six heads hot fix machine, Ultrasonic double discs hot fix machine, Ultrasonic single disc hot fix machine, Ultrasonic spot welding machine, Ultrasonic beads cutting machine, Leather punching machine, etc. Itsproducts are exported to more than 70 countries and regions, such as Germany, Italy, Brazil and India. Lihan Machinery Company will be able to meet various thoughts and requirement with client, which base bases on Well-equipped, strong technical force, complete detection means, ,and help them to understand the essence of the brand culture and service.

“Hongda” brand Ultrasonic double discs motif machine. The device’s critical piece adopts import electric assembly combine with advanced ultrasonic technology. Moreover, it’s highly reliable operating system. The advantages of device are sticking firmly and no wear rate of material. The machine is used to automatic design all kinds of pattern even direct embed diamond in materials through ultrasonic feature (velvet, jean, knitted fabrics, PU leather, and so on).

Technical parameters of Ultrasonic double discs motif machine

Equipment name Ultrasonic double discs motif machine
Other name Non
Model no HD-TZ200808
Power 60 W
Voltage 220V 60 HZ
Weight 80 kg
Machine's size 600*800*1150 mm
Efficiency 80-120 pcs/min
Specification 2-15 mm
Application equipment industry velvet, denim, knitted fabrics, PU leather, leather and other synthetic leather, etc
Operate 1 person can  operate severa; machines simultaneously
 Product configuration and characteristics:
⒈The machine can stick the beads of different shapes in materials (velvet, jean, knitted fabrics, PU leather, and so on) firmly immediately.
⒉Main features: Varies of colorful pattern; Positioning accuracy; Sticking firmly; fancy technology; No wear rate of material.
⒊High efficiency: 80-120 pcs/min.
⒋This device can apply to decoration craft of irregular bead pieces, thus improving manufacturing efficiency,Saving labor costs.
⒌On the account of the characteristic ultrasonic machine is used to sticking diamond into material firmly immediately, The bead pieces won't come off accidentally in five times in washing to avoiding defect in traditional situation.
Representative client base: East One digital printing co, ltd; Shanghai Landa garment co, ltd; Leidixun garment factory in Tongxiang city.

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