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3.2M quilting machine


Lihan is the earlier company that used Taiwan mature ultrasonic technology in cloth accessories industry. After decades of professional design, our ultrasonic embossing equipment series has become more advanced, for example, ultrasonic embossing machine, seamless sewing machine, lace machine, collar machine, quilting machine, bronzing machine, bag making machine, handle welding machine, etc. With the revolution of technology breakthrough, we can tailor-made a variety of ultrasonic embossing equipment series to customers. Contact hotline: 15989910854
The brand of “HONGDA” ultrasonic quilting machine is the newest equipment in domestic. Using the principle of ultrasonic to sew the products without needle and suture, with various types of chemical fiber fabric, nonwoven, spray cotton, artificial leather and other fabrics laminated adhesive, reflective material composite, embossing and leather gilding function. This pattern is clear and beautiful; the material is not deformed, bonded firmly and without pinprick, high efficiency. According to the demand to change stick, can press different patterns, it is the ideal equipment for bed sheets, quilt cover, bedspread, sofa covers, clothing, decoration and leather bronzing, embossing reflective material. The design concept of this equipment is advanced, technology is at the international leading level. The machine has been passed CE safety certification.

Technical parameters of 3.3.2M quilting machine
Equipment name 3.2M quilting machine
Other name Ultrasonic wireless suture machine, leather bronzing machine, reflective material compound machine
Model No. HD-JM203207 
Power 30KHZ 
Voltage 380V 
Weight 1800Kg 
Machine's size 3870*2560*3200mm 
Efficiency 0-20m/min 
Welding area 2000mm or according you demand
The product configuration and characteristics:
1. Changing traditional the needle and thread's processing technology, take advantage of ultrasonic wireless quilting to enhance the product grade.
2. Indentation can design just as one wishes, change floral whorl, also make different patterns.
3. Indentation’s change, it makes the product more elegant, has stereoscopy, leads the fashion of the era.
4. Specially design and torque motor, in order to ensure the welding keep level and stable tension
5. Ultrasonic system is imported; it can enhance products’ suture strong strength and degree of uniformity.
6. This machine with LDO, ensure mechanical stability and useful life.
Co-operate manufacturers: Yourmoon textile, Dongguan Yimao company, Liantai Leather embossing factory
Applicable industries: reflective material, trampoline, bedspread, sheet, bedding, cushion, winter and spring underwear, night-robe, pillowcase, sleeping bag, etc.
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