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Towel cloth slitting and crosscutting machine 

The following Lihan machinery co., LTD. Since its establishment in 93, has been committed to the ultrasonic cloth processing automation equipment, the company has won many national awards and has been in a leading position. The company has introduced automatic ultrasonic cloth slitting machine, ultrasonic superfine fiber cutting machine, ultrasonic towel cloth cutting machine, ultrasonic mop molding machine, ultrasonic mop slitting machine and a series of ultrasonic towel automatic equipment. 

Technology parameter of towel cloth slitting and crosscutting machine:


Size 2400*2800*1900(L*W*H)
Equipment power 15KW
The biggest cutting size 1800mm
The smallest cutting size 100mm
Equipment efficiency 5-15m/min
Ultrasonic power 15/20k

The function and characteristic:
1.It is substitute for traditional needle and thread, equipment adopts import PLC controlling, can finished all process automatically, save the manpower.
2.It uses ultrasonic cutting edge, auto sealing, no burr, no yellow, use ultrasonic Hong Da brand, has a stable function, import core spares, auto rectify a deviation by Germany. Adopt auto tension control.
Sample's picture:

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