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Product details

Automatic non woven sleeve cover machine


Product description
Automatic nonwoven sleeve cover machine is used for PP,PE ,non woven as raw materials produce disposable sleeve cover, this machine use ultrasonic welding theory, the efficiency can reach 120 pcs in one minute. Weld, flat, no hardening. Cuff contraction to adapt to all kinds of rubber production, human-machine interface touch-screen control, PLC program control, from raw materials into finished products output full automatic, it is an ideal equipment in the production of non-woven sleeve.

The technical parameters of automatic non woven sleeve cover machine:

Equipment’s name Automatic non woven sleeve cover machine
Model No. HD-YL205011
Other name Non woven sleeve cover machine, sleeve cover machine
Design speed 150pcs/min
Produce speed 70-120pcs/min
Machine’s size 2650*1100*16500mm
Weight 700KG
Voltage AC380V/220V 50HZ

Machine's detail:

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